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Serenity Indeed

These leggings are amazing!!!! I’m 2 1/2 months PP & these are so perfect for everything! I do cardio, lifting, and walks in these and they stay put and are so soft you forget your wearing them! Also this periwinkle blue color is so fun! I can’t get enough of these & this brand 🤗

Candy Apple 🔥

Have had my eye on these red leggings for a while. So happy I decided to add them to my BB collection. Ultra-soft material with a high waist that doesn’t ride down during cycling class! Love love love.

For reference, I am 5’5” (~120lbs) size XS in BB leggings.

Found my favorite leggings

I always thought all leggings were considered equal until I found these leggings.

Love the high rise waist band that created confidence when I worked out wearing a tighter fitting top.

As a mom of three it’s hard to find the perfect fitting bottom especially with white in the design- in fear it would be see through.

Overall - amazing quality, great high rise band, the tie dye color is not sheer at all, and super comfortable to wear in and out of the gym.

Spot On ABL Leggings
Taylor Stefano

WOW. For starters, the buttery feel of the material is incomparable. The sports bra is so comfortable and I love the matching sets! The leggings are sosoft and comfortable. For reference, I am a 34B, 135 lbs and I am a M sports bra and size S bottoms

WOW. For starters, the buttery feel of the material is incomparable. The sports bra is so comfortable and I love the matching sets! The leggings are so soft and fit me so well! For reference, I am a 34B, 135 lbs and I am a M sports bra and size S bottoms. I did not take a pic of the blue, but here is the polka dot!


WOW. For starters, the buttery feel of the material is incomparable. The sports bra is so comfortable and I love the matching sets! For reference, I am a 34B, 135 lbs and I am a M sports bra and size S bottoms

The colors are BEAUTIFUL

I couldn't wait to order this set when I saw it in the launch. The colors are even more beautiful in person! I love this set so much, it's perfect for my Kickboxing classes!

Once again, I love them!

I'm loving the navy blue bike shorts! They are super comfortable and the side pocket is perfect for my cell phone when I'm exercising. I highly recommend once again!! Two thumbs up!!

Gorgeous color!

Already obsessed with these leggings! The color is too beautiful and the material as always is perfect! I have a small and they fit true to size and stay up for any workout I’m doing!

Perfect for summer workouts or just to wear casually!

I teach outdoor classes and shorts are so needed! These stay up, are comfortable, and are definitely sweat resistant enough for even the hottest days. I love them!

Comfortable and Supportive!

I LOVE a sports bra that keeps everything in place without the removable cups that are so annoying to wash. The material is so comfortable before, during and after a workout. I teach cardio Kickboxing and it definitely holds up!

Life Changing

I've definitely tried a lot of leggings during my Kick It classes but these are amazing. The material is so soft and comfortable, but stays up without being binding. I got so many compliments on the colors!

Once again, I love them!

Once again, this bra is amazing! It's cute and supportive! For some reason, like the pants this pattern runs a bit smaller. I needed the medium in the bra instead of the small; my bust is a 32D.

Once again, I love them!

This time I needed the small instead of the extra small. I'm not sure why, but the small in the pineapple fits like the XS in the blue polka dot. What isn't different is the fabric and compression.

Soft as Butter!

I first saw these leggings at a BoldBody pop-up last summer and fell in love with how buttery-soft they were! Plus, the high-waist is perfect when teaching on the bike and my sweat doesn't show (aka it doesn't look like I've peed my pants hahaha) after a tough workout. I am wearing the Serenity Solid XS legging and Tough like an Elephant S top.


This set is my favorite!!!! It makes you look and feel so amazing. The color pattern is spot on, and not see through. Wear the set and see your confidence sky rocket.

LOVE the bra

This bra is amazing! It is super cute and super supportive! I am a 32D and this bra holds up! I have other sports bras that are more on the fashion side than the practical side, although they're supposed to be practical. This bra is not only cute, but functional! I highly recommend and will be purchasing from BoldBody again! Nice work!


I love these leggings and the matching bra. My husband and 6 year old boys never notice anything and all three noticed my new leggings and complimented them on me. I will definitely purchase from BoldBody again and enjoy supporting a local business. And I think my booty looks better in these than the other Boston BB company! Thanks BoldBody! PS. I am 5'6 and about 123 lbs. and bought the XS.

Fun, Comfortable, Supportive

I always try to support local, especially in Boston where I live and work. I was a little nervous but excited to try a new brand and style. The leggings are amazing, wish I bought another pair. The blue with the dots are super cute. They are high waisted, don't leave insane sweat marks (I taught 3 row classes in them - and yes I was rowing the whole time too), don't fall down, and are very comfortable. 5 out of 5.

Makes me feel awesome! A must buy!

I LOVE LOVE this Snakeskin set (actually any BB set)! I am a 59 year old mom and I love the way this set fits and makes me feel young! It holds me in in all the right places and it’s super soft. I am currently in the Bahamas living on a boat for the winter and I can’t wait for the cold fronts to come through so I can wear this set (or any set from BB). The quality surpasses all other leggings and bras I’ve tried over all my years of working out. I not only wear it for exercise but I wear them all day long they are so comfortable. Try them! You won’t be disappointed.

Watercolor blues making me feel pretty

I get compliments on this set all the time! I can’t say enough about this brand and company. HIGH QUALITY leggings that are sweat proof, ultra soft, DONT fall down! Love the bold and pretty patterns

Love this bra!!

I got the matching leggings and love how fun this print is!


I'd heard great things about the company but didn't immediately buy them because they don't have pockets, which I need while running. But finally I couldn't resist- I do indoor cycling too, and I don't need pockets for that. They're just as great as advertised. The waist is perfect, they stay up well (including while running, which I have worn them for when it has been cold enough for a jacket) and really are super soft. And they're long enough for me as a tall person!

They also wash really well. The first time I wore these, I tripped on absolutely nothing (the leggings weren't to blame, they were innocent) and cut my finger on I have no idea what. There was a lot of blood. Including on my BRAND NEW LEGGINGS. I hadn't even taken a selfie in them yet. But do you see any bloodstains in this photo? Nope, you don't. Because they just washed right out! I'm lazy about laundry, so I didn't even do anything special to make that happen. I doubt I even followed the wash instructions given by the company.


Absolutely obsessed with these. If you’re a patriot or just feel like a star, these are for you! They’re EXTREMELY soft, durable, form fitting, true to size (I’m 5’4”, 135lbs and wear a small), they don’t droop/sag/bunch (you catch my drift). I’m obsessed with these.

LOVE This print!!!

This print is such a confidence booster! I love the animal print and it makes you feel like an absolute badass. Plus the bra is so comfy and supportive. I wear it in the gym, or running errands, or lounging on my couch. It works for everything. I have an athletic build and wear a size M in the bra.