BoldBabes Ultimate 2019 Bucket List

2019 is your year to THRIVE. Be bold. Take leaps. Network. Grow. And do all the things.

That’s why we created the BoldBabe’s Bucket List for a killer year—and we can’t wait to start ticking things off with you.


Visit Another Country

Exploring new corners of the world is the ultimate way to add adventure and excitement to your life. There are endless places calling your name and basically begging you to bring your sparkle on over.

Our top picks: Australia, Iceland, and Spain. Tag us in all your travel pics so we can live vicariously through you (@boldbodyapparel), or better yet, bring us along.


Book a Girl’s Trip

Grab your gals and plan a spontaneous trip somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be extravagant—heck, it can be right down the road. If you’ve got your favorite girls, a party playlist, and the open road, you’re all set! A few ideas: winery and brewery tours, hiking a national park, lazy sun-soaked beach week, or a weekend on the slopes. You’ll be surprised how refreshed and invigorated you feel after spending a few days laughing, jamming, and eating all the foods with your favorite people.


Volunteer More

Science shows that when we give back, we actually boost our own happiness in the process. Helping others + adding sunshine to your own life = win all around. Plus, when you put good energy out into the world it’s bound to find its way back to you. There are tons of ways to impact your community, but if you’re not sure where to start, check out VolunteerMatch.


Run a 10k

Running a race is a great way to socialize, get involved, and sneak some exercise in at the same time. If you’re not much of a runner, maybe start with a 5k or see if there’s a bike race in town. The cool thing about races is that there’s people from all skill levels and walks of life—which means no matter how fast you trot, you’ll fit right in. This article will help you get started.


Spa Day with Mom

If we could buy our moms the world, we would. But apparently it’s not for sale? So we’ll stick with a relaxing spa day on our dime. Carve out an entire afternoon and treat your mom to the pampering experience she deserves: mani, pedi, facial, massage, etc.

Pro tip: check GroupOn before you go—they have tons of great deals! And if a spa day isn’t in your budget, grab some supplies from the store and set up an at-home spa—don’t forget the candles and relaxing music.


Skinny Dip

Spontaneity keeps life fun! Get a little crazy and go for a dip—sans swimsuit—in the nearest clean and private body of water you can find. Unless you’re feeling extra spicy…then just head to whatever lake/pond/puddle you can find. Trust us, you’ll feel wild, free, and like you can take on the world (speaking from experience).

PS: be sure to have a towel and clothes nearby!


Wear Something Crazy

Your clothes are a statement of who you are and how you feel. Shake things up in 2019 and let the world know you’re bold, badass, and not to be overlooked by wearing something totally off-brand and vibrant like these starry night leggings or this pink piña party dress. Make a statement and wear it with pride girlfriend.


Start (and keep) A Gratitude Journal

We’re firm believers that a great life starts with an ample amount of gratitude, and what better way to give off all the good vibes than with a gratitude journal? It’s easy: each morning while enjoying your favorite mug of tea or coffee, simply write down 3 things you’re grateful for. This sets you up for a positive day and opens your heart to the abundance that’s coming your way. The key is sticking to it! Make it part of your morning or nightly routine and we promise you’ll see a positive shift in your life.


Once you’ve ticked these bucket list items off, give some of these a go:


  • Skydive or bungy jump
  • Make peace with your body and show it all the love
  • Make a 3-course meal with all your besties (don’t forget the wine)
  • Take a public speaking class
  • Learn a new language
  • Dance under the Northern Lights
  • Adopt a shelter pet (and send us pics)


Let’s make 2019 the boldest, best year yet.

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